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Remodeling a kitchen can be a challenging task, considering the various elements that constitute a kitchen. To ensure a successful renovation of your small kitchen within the budget, you should plan and have a clear picture of small kitchen remodel costs.

A small kitchen remodel, on average, costs around $100 to $250 per square foot. And most homeowners tend to spend between $12,434 and $21,260, with an average cost of $15,000 or $150 per square foot.

Nevertheless, the total small kitchen remodel costs depend on the size of the space, material’s quality, and whether you change the layout or not. Meanwhile, use this guide to give yourself an idea about small kitchen remodel costs.

What Is The Cost Of Small Kitchen Remodeling?

Any kitchen remodeling project usually involves five significant elements: the countertop, appliances, cabinets, flooring, and lighting. All of these factors will help you determine your kitchen remodel budget.

Moreover, the cost of a small kitchen remodel will further be influenced by the quality of the material used, the area you reside in, and the transportation requirements of the material.

Based on the above criteria, a small kitchen remodel cost typically varies between $12,000 to $36,000. Homeowners, on average, homeowners spend around $24,000 on a kitchen remodeling project.

Similarly, if you go down to a per square foot basis, a small kitchen of 70 square feet will cost between $170 and $500 per square foot. Usually, the cost of kitchen remodel depends upon the area and the quality of the materials used.

Typically, the minor intervention of a small kitchen space involves a new backsplash, sink, and repainting of the walls. On the other hand, a complete remodel of the kitchen includes changes to the layout, new countertops and cabinets, and higher quality appliances and sink.

Question You Must Address Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

small kitchen remodel questions

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  • The layout of the kitchen – do you want to change it or keep the existing one?
  • What kitchen elements do you want to replace, and what do you want to keep?
  • How do you want to design your kitchen, or what theme do you want to follow?
  • Would you be hiring an expert or doing things your way?

Once you have a clear picture of your kitchen remodeling project, you can then assign an estimated budget according to the scope of the work. Normally a kitchen renovation falls into three categories or budget plans based on the extent of intervention planned. These are as follows;

  • Basic Renovation – $12,000 to $16,000
  • Mid-Range Renovation – $17,000 to $35,000
  • Full-scale Renovation – $36,000 and beyond

Whatever category your small kitchen remodeling project falls in, you must keep aside an extra 15% to 20% of the overall budget as a contingency plan. This additional capital will help you meet any extra unforeseen expenses.

Let’s look deeper into each kitchen remodeling plan and learn what you can afford at that price.

Basic Remodeling

If you are on a tight budget and want to give a facelift to your kitchen without attempting anything extensive, you fall under the basic renovation category. 

You can expect to spend around $12,000 to $16,000. In this slim budget, you have to involve yourself with hands and a hammer. However, we do recommend hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor near you to see and manage things properly. Here is what you can arrange in this budget.

  • Refacing of the cabinets.
  • New, entry-level lighting fixtures for the space
  • A new kitchen backsplash.
  • Repainting the walls and ceilings

Mid-Range Remodeling

A mid-range renovation takes a more detailed approach and is focused on some major changes to the kitchen. Redesigning the space from scratch is still out of scope. However, a new countertop and furniture are within grasp. 

Prepare for spending between $17,000 to $35,000 for a mid-range kitchen renovation. Under professional guidance, you can give your kitchen a new refreshing look with some newly added elements. 

However, you still have to intervene with your DIY skills to keep the expenses within the limit. Here is what you can expect in a mid-range renovation:

  • A new kitchen countertop of decent quality material
  • A new kitchen floor, decorated with standard quality tiles
  • Semi-custom cabinetry
  • New mid-range kitchen appliances
  • Good quality lighting fixtures

Full-Scale Remodeling

Suppose you want to revamp your kitchen with a new look, fitted with top-of-the-range appliances, high-quality countertops, and premium quality flooring. In that case, you can go with a full-scale kitchen renovation. 

With a budget of $36,000 and above, you have the freedom to splurge on quality materials, appliances, sink, and faucets. 

You also have a more comprehensive selection of products and better customization options to realize the desired kitchen design and finish in this budget. Here is what’s possible in a full-scale renovation;

  • A new kitchen layout and design
  • New plumbing and electricals
  • The countertop of premium materials, like marble and granite.
  • Brand new custom made cabinetry
  • Kitchen floor, covered with premium quality tiles.
  • New top of the line kitchen appliances

What is the Cost Breakdown of Kitchen Remodeling?

cost of kitchen remodeling

As a homeowner, you must know where your money is going while remodeling your kitchen. Here is an estimated breakdown of small kitchen remodel costs based on key elements of the kitchen for you to have a better idea.

  • Kitchen cabinets and other pieces of furniture – 27%
  • Appliances and utilities – 19%
  • Lighting fixtures and installation – 6%
  • Countertop, sink, faucets, and plumbing – 20%
  • Kitchen flooring – 6%
  • Interior designer fees – 5%
  • Installation dees – 15%
  • Other miscellaneous expenses – 2%

Cost of Kitchen Cabinets

On average, a single kitchen cabinet costs between $100 to $200 for those on a limited budget. For the high-end option, it can go as high as $500 to $800. For custom-made cabinets, the cost comes around $300 to $1,000 per square foot.

Cost of Countertop

Irrespective of the material you choose, a kitchen countertop costs between $2,500 to $4,500. However, material quality and dimensions also play a major role in determining the overall cost. Natural stones like marble and granite kitchen countertop are a premium option and usually cost the most.

Cost of Plumbing

If you install a new sink and faucet without disrupting the plumbing, the average cost will come to be around $160 and $560. However, if remodeling involves redoing the plumbing, the price can shoot up to $1,500.

Cost of Flooring

There are numerous options available for kitchen flooring. For instance, those on a tight budget can go with vinyl coverings, while those with more spending limits could splurge money on hardwood or natural stone tile. 

Anyway, the average cost of kitchen flooring is between $1,500 to $5,000. The significant variation in the price is due to the material used and the overall area.


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