Maximizing Your Space During A Kitchen Remodel

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April 14, 2015
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April 27, 2015
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There is an old adage that states that the bigger your space, the better. This adage feeds into a common misconception that larger spaces are more glamorous, accommodating and valuable. But, interior designers know better. For instance, small kitchens have recently undergone an immense surge in popularity. This is because small kitchens carry with them a certain quaintness and charm that simply cannot be achieved in their larger counterparts. To follow is a guide on how you might maximize the space in your kitchen during a remodel. These practical steps will have you believing, sooner rather than later, that less really is more.

Incorporate Reflective Surfaces

One excellent way of creating the illusion of more space in your quaint kitchen is by introducing reflective surfaces wherever possible. An unconventional approach to this strategy is to integrate mirrored cabinets. It is not necessary for all of your cabinets to be mirrored, however, in order to achieve the illusion of more space. You might decide to simply book-end a wall of kitchen cabinets with beautiful mirrored surfaces. It is incredible how mirrors pick up and refract light in a way that instantly enlarges your space.

Another approach to reflective surfaces pertains to your kitchen countertop. Instead of a mirrored countertop you might instead select a material that is translucent in character, glass being an excellent example. Your glass countertop will translate as being immense, in and of itself. Furthermore, it will pick up and disperse the light in your kitchen in an enlarging manner.

In-Set Seating

Another sure fire way of creating the illusion of more space, in your kitchen, is by implementing in-set seating. This idea may very well fly in the face of what you had previously believed about maximized floor plans. Indeed, inset seating works best in and around an island, which should be located roughly in the middle of your kitchen.

This is the aspect that many homeowners find confusing. They wrongfully believe that the way an island is situated will disrupt their already cramped floor plan. But, when you can use your kitchen island as your central eating space, this significantly opens up the functionality of your quaint retreat. Installing a granite kitchen island, with plenty of legroom for comfortable bar stools, is an excellent way of maximizing your floor plan. Simply choose a cut of granite, and a style of seat, that enhances the overall aesthetic of your space.

Open Concept Shelving

Another beautiful approach to maximizing your minimal floor plan in the kitchen, is to install open concept shelving. This finish works just as well in eccentric country kitchens, as it does in contemporary ones. And, there is a solid justification for this.

First and foremost, open concept shelves take up significantly less space than full cabinets. More important, however, is the open concept of this finish. By displaying your kitchen items at all times, you will be motivated to minimize the amount of clutter and accessories you house in this space. By extension, open concept shelves lend your space an added layer of functionality by placing all of your kitchen necessities within an arm’s reach.

Lights and Accessories

What you might otherwise consider “finishing touches,” in a kitchen, actually make an immense impact on how large the room feels. Interior designers suggest going lighter in your kitchen to create the illusion of more space. This advice pertains just as much to wall color as it does to the lighting ornaments that you ultimately introduce. Stick to light wall colors such as creams and pastels, and really emphasize any lighting elements. Designers suggest implementing some statement, pendant lights, too, as a way of illuminating the room, as well as of drawing the eye upward.

Another strategy for enlarging your kitchen is to hang your pots just above your kitchen island. Again, this strategy centers on enhancing the functionality of your space, which will, in turn, enlarge it. There are also a number of accessories that you can invest in as a way of enlarging your kitchen. Wicker serving trays are a charming way of consolidating all of your favorite plates and utensils in the same area. Use your imagination and you will be surprised at how instrumental accessories can be at enlarging your space.

All in all, it is important to not buy into the old adage that more is always better. Indeed, small kitchens can be charming, inviting, and beautiful all at the same time. Nonetheless, you will want to implement certain finishes as a way of enlarging your kitchen. Mirrored cabinets, for example, are a stunning finish that go a long way at maximizing the floor plan of your otherwise quaint kitchen. Strategic accessories, inset seating and lots of lighting will also have you forgetting that your kitchen is in any way small.


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