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The kitchen is often thought of as one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s often a key part to making a house a home. It’s obviously important to have a place to store and prepare food, but it’s really so much more. It’s a place where conversations are had, relationships are developed, and traditions are passed down. It can even be the focal point of ones home. A place to entertain and spend time in.

Needless to say, we love kitchens. And we love remodeling kitchens, whether it be a full tear out and remodel or simply replacing a countertop or a few cabinets. In every case, we believe in not only using quality materials, but take great pride in the quality of our work.

And in every kitchen that we remodel, we make sure that the functionality is as beautiful as the aesthetic.

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Our relationship begins
with a conversation.

You will think of it as the free estimate. We think of it as our opportunity to shake your hand and listen. Each project is unique and we believe this is integral to helping you design and build your dream kitchen. What do you need in a kitchen? What do you dream of? We know that at the end of our first conversation, you will feel that we share your dream and the excitement of the project.

It’s an exciting time in kitchen design. There are so many styles to choose from and so many materials to use in your newly renovated kitchen. Kitchen trends are constantly changing and new advances in technology are moving fast. With that, it can be daunting to take on a project like remodeling your kitchen on your own. But it doesn’t need to be hard and a stress. A remodeled kitchen should be nothing but joy and a pleasure. And this is where we can help. We can make it easy. We have a decade of experience in helping our clients navigate this ever expanding frontier and our designers are well equipped to bring your ideas into reality.

A model you can
see and feel.

After our initial conversation and we have a good idea of what your are wanting in your newly remodeled kitchen, we create a 3D scale model of your new kitchen. This includes detailed visuals of the exact colors we will use and an idea of what the different surfaces will look like and how it all comes together to create the perfect space. Don’t like the way a certain countertop looks with the cabinets that are a must? Not a problem. It’s simple to change and change again if necessary. Seeing your model kitchen allows your joy to go to the next level! Our specialized computer software allows you to see your vision early in the project – before we remove so much as a nail.

This brings clarity. Both you and us know what exactly each other are thinking and what the kitchen will look like before we even start. An essential part of kitchen remodeling is embracing improvement to the original plan. You’ll have exciting new ideas as the project progresses; we’ll offer other suggestions. It’s a process, and throughout it we keep an open and creative dialogue, keep you informed of what stage of the remodel we are in, and are always happy to answer any questions. We want it to be and streamlined and transparent as possible.

Your dream
kitchen realized.

Next, after you are completely satisfied with design and plan for your remodeled kitchen, it is time to make a start in the house.

When it comes time to install, you can be sure that our expert team is capable of handling whatever the project demands and will do it with the utmost respect for your home and you. Again, as we progress through the process, you will be continually informed of how things are going and exactly at what stage it is at, never left to wonder.

Although we work hard to get the remodel done in a timely manner, depending on the scale of the project, there could be some time where you don’t have use of your kitchen. During the install, it’s a good idea to have a room or space designated as a temporary kitchen, or have some idea of how you will continue without your kitchen for a short time.

Like to see some of our work? Click on “Projects” at the top of the page and see for yourself how we could help you! And if you want to see what others have said about working with us, check out some of our testimonials below.

Ready to turn your kitchen into the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of? Give us a call now! Your new kitchen is not far off.

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