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Nowadays, cabinets may be bought online for discounts of up to 20% off what cabinet dealers and showrooms charge. Even some of the online cabinet vendors produce quality cabinetry. So why wouldn’t buying cabinets online and saving money make sense? In this article, discover the hidden costs of purchasing online kitchen cabinets.

Said, purchasing kitchen cabinets is not comparable to buying a toaster or a pair of jeans. You are committed to a renovation, design, and construction approach once you make this first and most crucial purchase. After choosing the final kitchen design and making the cabinet purchases, decisions costing many thousands of dollars are made. Your kitchen’s functionality is influenced by the flooring, countertops, lighting, backsplash, appliances, sinks, fixtures, molding, and even the types and placements of windows and doors. Your choice of how much to spend on these options will determine whether your money is wasted or well-spent.

You forfeit professional kitchen design assistance when you don’t know the hidden costs and purchase cabinets online.


The cost of hiring an expert to measure your house, evaluate design options, and guide you in making wise selections far outweighs any potential cost savings on cabinetry. Most kitchen renovations are a waste of money and poorly constructed without professional design assistance. When left to their own devices, homeowners almost invariably overspend and waste money.

Because consumers aren’t experts in kitchen design, they rarely recognize how problematic the decisions they are making are, which is very unfortunate for these homeowners and frustrating for skilled kitchen designers.

Even worse are the homeowners who hire a professional and then, after seeing how much better their design is, go back and purchase cabinets online. By doing this, homeowners are effectively asking their contractors to install kitchens while wearing blinders. They are giving up crucial information that is required to organize the other things they choose.

Good designers are required for both ongoing involvement and assistance with material coordination during installation.

Customers that don’t complete the design process and don’t know the hidden costs of purchasing cheap cabinets online end up making costly errors that they will have to deal with.

Without a professional kitchen designer’s assistance, starting a $20,000–$200,000 kitchen renovation is pointless.

Every kitchen we see created by architects, builders, interior designers, or other phony professionals invariably has a significant overspending problem. The cost of the cabinets includes the professional assistance of kitchen designers. The decision to buy cabinets online to save a small amount of money ultimately results in far more costly mistakes and significantly reduced resale value.

Still, thinking about ordering your cabinets online? Spend the first ten minutes on a call with us or another expert in kitchen design. The value of a well-designed kitchen will far outweigh any savings you anticipate from purchasing cabinets online.

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